Are you looking for greater joy, accomplishment and connection in your career and life? Do you wonder if there is something else out there for you, something with more meaning, better compensation, even just more fun?

This is what I want for you –  to have a great career, feel and be successful as you define success, be well compensated, like the people with whom you work and experience the fulfillment of doing your best work with your natural skills and talents. And the personal satisfaction then naturally spills over into your personal life.

If you haven’t experienced at least some of these great things in your career, why not? Or if you once had it all but something has dramatically changed, are you clear about what to do to turn it around?

Clients first call me when the job is draining their energy and they know a change is needed, but don’t know where or how to start, or have tried something new only to find it wasn’t “the thing.” Maybe, like them, you have reached a point where you are:

  • Overwhelmed. Too many or not enough options, not enough time, too scary.
  • Exhausted. Physically from daily demands, mentally from over-thinking and getting nowhere.
  • Stuck. You simply don’t know the next step or how to take it.
  • Lacking confidence. Because who is confident when you’re overwhelmed, exhausted and feeling stuck?

The need for change grows more compelling and eventually you realize it’s time for objective, outside help. What clients say most often about me is that I am practical. “Practical” is not exactly a sparkly word, but it’s the trait that makes me most effective in helping you pin down a new, more personally rewarding direction in your life and go about it in a logical, strategic way.  I also maintain a sense of humor, so rest assured, we will have some fun along the way.

What can a coach do for you that you can’t do on your own? I will help you find:

  • Focus. We’ll find the best ways to use your time and energy and eliminate the useless distractions. I’ll help you get clear about your personal core values so that they will serve as your inner compass, liberating you from the constant decision paralysis that comes from not being clear about what is most important to you. This is very difficult to do without a coach. As one of my own coaches was fond of saying, “It’s like trying to read your own label from inside the bottle.”
  • A strategic plan of action. Whether you are thinking of starting your own business, beginning a focused job search for something new or doing some inner work to advance where you are, I have all kinds of tools and skills to devise very specific actions to move you forward.
  • Objectivity. I will tell you the truth. This is probably the most important component of working with a coach. None of us is objective about our own situation. Family members and close friends see you a certain way and may unintentionally create obstacles to your growth and change, and it isn’t wise to confide in co-workers. Our work together is confidential, and my only interest is in helping you uncover what is missing now, what you need and want in the future, and what you will do to close that gap.
  • Support.  A career change is serious business and requires a lot of energy. My goal for our sessions is for you to feel supported, valued and heard and to share with you all of the tools in my coaching tool box to help you accomplish what you need, when you need it.

**I want to get started!  Please schedule my complimentary sample session now!**

You may be wondering, “Am I crazy, or is everyone else,” and wondering whether to just stay put and adjust your attitude or risk taking the leap into the unknown for something better. What if you could address that struggle once and for all, with immediate, practical steps to move you forward in that meaningful, profitable career and life you always intended?

You are smart and that is what brought you the success you have enjoyed before. As you refocus on what is a fit for your life now, I would like to help you move forward with confidence and a working strategy that will serve you long-term. I invite you to contact me to schedule a no-pressure, free sample session. Let’s get started!