You have a pretty good life and have enjoyed success in your career.  But you have reached that point now where you question whether this is it for you and are experiencing one or more of these:

• You’re frustrated trying to blend the life you want with the career you’re in.
• Your best skills and experience don’t fit with what you’re asked to do most of the time.
• You aren’t making the income you desire and certainly not for which you are capable.
• You know there’s something better for you out there – if only you had more time, more energy, new skills, different education, better circumstances, and less responsibility already on your plate.
• You’ve already made a change, but need help being successful as YOU define it.

Sound Familiar?

What if you could address that struggle once and for all, with immediate, practical steps to move you forward in that meaningful, profitable career and life you always intended. How about finally answering that nagging question, “Do I stay or do I go? What’s next?”

What My Clients Ask For

My clients are smart, educated, successful people who have reached a point in their career where they are questioning, “Is this it?” They may have once really enjoyed their career and aren’t sure why they don’t feel the same anymore, or maybe there has been a change of ownership and their work or the environment has changed dramatically; they feel stuck in uncertainty about staying put, making a lateral move with another employer, or maybe trying that “thing” they have always dreamed of doing. When they come to me for coaching, they most often ask for:

Clarity/Focus: “Help me sort through the thousands of ideas swirling around in my head so that I can make some productive choices and move forward!”

Confidence Rebuilding: “Help me recapture the confidence in what I bring to the table that brought me success in the first place.” Even the most successful people experience a crisis of confidence now and then.

Strategy: “I know what I want, but am all over the map about how to get it.”

Accountability: “I know what needs to be done, but I keep procrastinating. I guess I’m a bit overwhelmed. I need a coach to keep me focused and on task.”

A New Mindset: “I can’t believe I never looked at it that way. It seems so obvious!”

How Can I Help You?

First, we will look at how to simplify your life, eliminating unnecessary distractions and uses of your time that are not serving you. We will focus on building your energy so that you will be ready to tackle this process in a confident and strategic way.

I’ll help you with the intangibles: I’ll help you focus and reconnect you with your personal core valuesempower you to succeed in keeping with those values so that you can then give your greatest energy to what is actually meaningful to you, and replace frustration with satisfaction and fulfillment from your work and from your life.

And the practical: I’ll help you strategize your goals and specific actions to reach them; create the environment that supports what you’re doing; write a dynamite resume and cover letter or business plan if that is your dream. I’ll share any and all tools I have in my toolbox to help you identify and evaluate your options, interview effectively, grow your own business, eliminate energy drains, and get very, very clear about what you absolutely require from your career to be personally fulfilled and well compensated.

In my experience, the overall picture of what your life looks like changes at different stages. You change and/or the environment or the people around you change. Unexpected events can turn your world upside down in a moment. But I believe you can ebb and flow gracefully when you know who you are, what you’re about, and what mark you want to leave on the world. That is when you can bring passion to your work instead of waiting for a certain kind of work to bring you passion.

You are smart and that is what brought you the success you have enjoyed before. As you refocus on what is a fit for your life now, I would like very much to help you move forward with confidence and a working strategy that will serve you long-term.

Ready to Get Back in the Driver’s Seat?

I invite you to contact me to schedule a no-pressure exploratory conversation. I can be reached at, or call me at 214-785-6330. I would so enjoy talking with you, because it’s your turn to be deeply fulfilled and abundantly compensated for your work. Let’s get started!

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