How many of the following statements are true for you?

  • I’ve tried different careers and have enjoyed success, but I don’t want to do any of it again. I want to explore something new.
  • I should just be grateful and satisfied that I have a job – even though I don’t feel a lot of fulfillment and satisfaction from it.
  • I’m 40 (or 30 or 50) and still don’t know what I want to be when I grow up.
  • I’ve grown bored with my career, but am not sure I know how to do anything else.
  • It seems like everyone around me is satisfied to go along with things the way they are. Why aren’t I?
  • I am trapped and overwhelmed. I don’t have time to explore my options because my current position is so demanding and I can’t afford the risk of quitting to go “find myself.”
  • I am being taken for granted, not receiving advancement, compensation increases or other opportunities that I have earned.
  • I would actually like to start my own business. Am I crazy?  Where would I even begin?!
  • I have it so great right now and am the envy of all my friends. So why can’t I stop thinking about wanting to do something else?
  • I like doing lots of different things, but there isn’t one thing I absolutely love doing all the time – at least not that will earn a living.
  • I have fantasies of working at home in my favorite jeans and flip flops while doing brilliant work and setting the world on fire.
  • I have already started my own business, but am completely overwhelmed!  Help!
  • I’m feeling burned out at my job, but have to stay at least “X” more years to be fully vested and receive maximum retirement benefits.

First, you are not alone! The world seems to be getting crazier by the minute and leading many to some thoughtful reassessment. Why am I here? What do I want to be about for the rest of my life? What is the mark that I want to leave on the world?

I am so excited to share with clients that you can make some adjustments, sometimes radical, sometimes simple, for a hugely more satisfying life and career! I want to help you sort out and zero in on the options that work for you through the process of what I call “The 4 E’s of Discovery.” Let’s take a closer look at that:

1. First, we begin with Exploration. This is the fun part because you get to just look around and be an observer and a thinker. Then I help you look at a wide range of options through thoughtful questioning, assessments, self-reflection, help from friends and colleagues, and/or any other applicable tools we come up with. You see what interests you and begin toying with how you might make that work. Fun stuff!

2. The next step is Experimentation. This is where you “try on” the role of what you are thinking about doing. By now you have narrowed down one to three interests and go into deep information gathering. You mentally step into the role to see how it feels to be in that environment and how it fits for you. We will devise fun and creative ways to allow you to do this.

3. Engagement. This is where you actually find a way to put yourself in the circumstances of the path that appeals to you. At this stage there still may be more than one path that intrigues you — that is just fine. In order to engage, you may take a class, moonlight, volunteer for a related project, or many other possibilities. I want to help you figure out the best strategies for you to make this happen.

4. Finally, (Yippee!) Emergence. You have completed the first three steps successfully and emerge with new-found energy and a plan. Whether you have found the big “it”, chosen to make some internal changes to more fully embrace the career you’re already in, or decided to start your own business, you have emerged armed with new tools and knowledge, confident about who you are and what specifically needs to be in place for you to thrive in this or any career. You are well on your way to something new and exciting!

The Four E’s process is going to look a little different for each person. You may leap through it quickly or you may want to take your time. We may use assessment tools to help you along, or it may not be needed. But I do believe it is easier with a coach to be the eyes and ears to see and hear what you can’t. I will be your objective observer, making it easier for you to maintain your confidence and objectivity along the way.

Sound good to you? Send a message to to schedule a time to chat about how we might work together to get you started on the path to greater fulfillment and profit!

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