Career Assessments – Magic Bean or Waste of Time?

There are all kinds of career and personality assessments out there, and with any luck you will find the right one that will finally unlock the mystery of your life purpose, your key to self-actualization, “the thing” that has eluded you for your entire life up to this point. And then you can finally stop the endless loop of ideas … Read More

Book Review: Excuses Begone! by Dr. Wayne W. Dyer

**Note:  This post originally appeared in 2010, when this book was newly published.  It’s such a great book, I thought it worthwhile to post again for those of you who may not have been made aware of it yet. “You are part of the same intelligence that creates worlds; in fact, your mind is that intelligence. Knowing this, how could … Read More

Do You Carry Your Career, or Does Your Career Carry You?

The word career originates from the French word, carriere, which means “road or racecourse.” Isn’t that exactly how it feels sometimes? Like you’re on a racecourse, trying frantically to catch up or to pass someone else and then watch in the rearview mirror to make sure they don’t pass you again? Ugh, my shoulders are tensing up just writing about … Read More