Forget Resolutions. How About a Bucket List?

Happy New Year everyone!  I wish you all a healthy, prosperous New Year!

How are those resolutions working for you?  I didn’t make any myself, as I learned years ago that it just didn’t work for me. Yet at this time of year I always get very reflective and energized by new possibilities. What to do with that energy?

How about a New Year “Bucket List?”  A little different spin on the “Things I want to do before I kick the bucket” idea – a “Things I want to do that will thrill me to pieces in the New Year!” list! My husband and I have agreed to try it this year.

Here are the rules:

  • It must be something challenging, but doable. You will really do it in the next year, and afterward say “I can’t believe I did that!”
  • It has to be out of the ordinary; no losing weight, having a better attitude, blah, blah, ho-hum. It has to be exciting and stretch you!
  • Preferably you have never done it before.
  • It has to have a  healthy and positive effect on your life and your attitude.
  • It can be something you will do, someone you will meet, or a place you will see.

Please, please post comments and share your bucket list!  Just do me a favor and keep them G-rated! If you prefer, you may post it on my Facebook page,!/pages/GwenJewettCoaching/167569574678

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