Why Some Leaders are Fulfilled, Some are Filled With Dread – Part 1

The one primary reason I believe leaders get frustrated, burned out, and feel like they are losing their identity is that they have lost touch with their personal core values – who they intend to be in this world. This article opens the discussion and will be followed by the how’s and why’s to reconnect to those values.

You Can’t Hit a Bulls-Eye Without Facing the Target

How often does this happen to you?  You wake up, determined to do that very important thing that will have huge impact on your income, your job, your health or your family, but you have put it off until the 11th hour and this is it.  You have to make it happen today.  But wait, the oil needs to be … Read More

How to Be Assertive Without Alienating Others

Asking for what you want—and setting boundaries around what you don’t want—is a key life skill. But sometimes in our enthusiasm to practice this skill, we over-do our own assertiveness and end up causing someone to shut down, get angry or feel resentful. Here are four tips for developing your assertiveness in a way that will actually strengthen, deepen and … Read More